now.executor.gateway.now_gateway module#

class now.executor.gateway.now_gateway.PlaygroundGateway(**kwargs)[source]#

Bases: BaseGateway

  • name – Gateway pod name

  • runtime_args – a dict of arguments injected from Runtime during runtime

  • streamer – GatewayStreamer object to be set if not None

  • kwargs – additional extra keyword arguments to avoid failing when extra params ara passed that are not expected

async setup_server()[source]#

Setup server

async run_server()[source]#

Run server forever

async shutdown()[source]#

Shutdown the server and free other allocated resources, e.g, streamer object, health check service, …

class now.executor.gateway.now_gateway.BFFGateway(ssl_keyfile=None, ssl_certfile=None, uvicorn_kwargs=None, proxy=False, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: FastAPIBaseGateway

Initialize the FastAPIBaseGateway :type ssl_keyfile: Optional[str] :param ssl_keyfile: the path to the key file :type ssl_certfile: Optional[str] :param ssl_certfile: the path to the certificate file :type uvicorn_kwargs: Optional[dict] :param uvicorn_kwargs: Dictionary of kwargs arguments that will be passed to Uvicorn server when starting the server :type proxy: bool :param proxy: If set, respect the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables, otherwise, it will unset

these proxy variables before start. gRPC seems to prefer no proxy


kwargs – keyword args

property app#

Get a FastAPI app

class now.executor.gateway.now_gateway.NOWGateway(user_input_dict={}, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: CompositeGateway

The NOWGateway assumes that the gateway has been started with http on port 8081. This is the port on which the nginx process listens. After nginx has been started, it will start the playground on port 8501 and the BFF on port 8080. The actual HTTP gateway will start on port 8082. Nginx is configured to route the requests in the following way: - /playground -> playground on port 8501 - /api -> BFF on port 8080 - / -> HTTP gateway on port 8082

Initialize the gateway :param kwargs: keyword args

async shutdown()[source]#

Free other resources allocated with the server, e.g, gateway object, …