Welcome to Jina NOW!#

One line to host them all. Bootstrap your image search case in minutes.

Jina NOW logo: The data structure for unstructured data

NOW gives the world access to customized neural image search in just one line of code. Main features

  • 🐥 Easy: Minimal effort required to set up your search case

  • 🐎 Fast: Set up your search case within minutes

  • 🌈 Quality: If you provide labels to your documents, Jina NOW fine-tunes a model for you

  • 🌳 Reliable: We take care of the deployment and maintenance (coming soon)

  • Nocode: Deployment can be done by non-technical people


pip install jina-now

In case you need sudo for running Docker, install and use jina-now using sudo as well.

Mac M1#

For the Mac M1 it is generally recommended using a conda environment as outlined in the Jina documentation. In a new conda environment first execute conda install grpcio tokenizers protobuf. Then run pip install jina-now.


jina now [start | stop] --data [<pushpullid> | <localpath> | <url>] --quality [medium | good | excellent] --cluster <k8s-cluster-name>

Quick Start#

jina now start

Use CLI Parameters#

jina now start --quality medium --data /local/img/folder

Use API#

You can now send requests to the API using the jina client. This case shows a local deployment.

from jina import Client    
client = Client(
response = client.search(
        Document(text=search_text), # or in case you send an image: Document(url=image_path),
        parameters={"limit": 9, "filter": {}},


jina now stop


  • Python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 or 3.10

Local execution#

  • Docker installation

  • 10 GB assigned to docker

  • User must be permitted to run docker containers

Google Cloud deployment#

  • Billing account enabled

Jina Flow as a service#

  • No further requirements (coming soon)

Supported Modalities (more will be added)#

  • [x] Text

  • [x] Image

  • [ ] Audio

  • [ ] Video

  • [ ] 3D mesh

  • [ ] PDF

  • [ ] …



👕 Fashion image
☢️ Chest X-Ray
💰 NFT - bored apes
🖼 Art image
🚗 Cars image
🏞 Street view image
🦆 Birds image

Now use your custom data :)#

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