module#, data_class, modalities_dict, field_names_to_dataclass_fields={})[source]#

Converts a dictionary of field names to their values to a document. :type field_dict: Dict :param field_dict: key-value pairs of field names and their values :type data_class: Type :param data_class: @docarray.dataclass class which encapsulates the fields of the multimodal document :type modalities_dict: Dict :param modalities_dict: dictionary of field names to their modalities :param field_names_to_dataclass_fields: mapping of field names to data class fields (e.g. {‘title’: ‘text_0’}) :rtype: Document :return: multi-modal document

async, endpoint, docs, parameters=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]#

Posts to the endpoint of the Jina client. :param request_model: contains the request model of the flow :type endpoint: str :param endpoint: endpoint which shall be called, e.g. ‘/index’ or ‘/search’ :type docs: Union[Document, DocumentArray] :param docs: document(s) which shall be passed in :param parameters: parameters to pass to the executors, e.g. jwt for securitization or limit for search :param args: any additional arguments passed to the method :param kwargs: any additional keyword arguments passed to the method :rtype: DocumentArray :return: response of, stacktrace)[source]#