module#, flow_ids_http_score_calculation, limit, results_per_table=20, disable_to_datauri=False)[source]#

This function compares flows by querying every flow with the multi-modal query documents of da and retrieving limit results from them. It converts the responses into HTML which are then saved as a table to disk. It splits the created HTML into multiple files if there are a lot of queries.

  • da (DocumentArray) – DocumentArray of queries defined as multi-modal documents

  • flow_ids_http_score_calculation (List[Tuple]) – a list consisting of tuples which are (flow ID, host of HTTP gateway,

score calculation) :type limit: int :param limit: the number of results to retrieve :type results_per_table: int :param results_per_table: number of queries which should be put into the same table :type disable_to_datauri: bool :param disable_to_datauri: if True, the images are not converted to DataURI