Source code for now.utils.common.helpers

import signal
import sys
from import MutableMapping

[docs]def flatten_dict(d, parent_key='', sep='__'): """ This function converts a nested dictionary into a dictionary of attirbutes using '__' as a separator. Example: {'a': {'b': {'c': 1, 'd': 2}}} -> {'a__b__c': 1, 'a__b__c': 2} """ items = [] for k, v in d.items(): new_key = parent_key + sep + k if parent_key else k if isinstance(v, MutableMapping): items.extend(flatten_dict(v, new_key, sep=sep).items()) else: # TODO for now, we just have string values, str(v) should be removed once we support numeric values items.append((new_key, str(v))) return dict(items)
[docs]def hide_string_chars(s): return ''.join(['*' for _ in range(len(s) - 4)]) + s[len(s) - 4 :] if s else None
[docs]def to_camel_case(text): """Convert text to camel case in great coding style""" s = text.replace("_", " ") s = s.split() return ''.join(i.capitalize() for i in s)
[docs]def my_handler(signum, frame, spinner): with spinner.hidden(): sys.stdout.write("Program terminated!\n") spinner.stop() exit(0)
[docs]class BetterEnum: def __iter__(self): return [getattr(self, x) for x in dir(self) if ('__' not in x)].__iter__()
sigmap = {signal.SIGINT: my_handler, signal.SIGTERM: my_handler}