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from collections import defaultdict

from docarray import Document
from fastapi import APIRouter, Body

from import GlobalUserInput
from import (
from import SuggestionRequestModel
from import BaseRequestModel
from import jina_client_post

router = APIRouter()

suggestion_examples = {
    'working_text': {
        'summary': 'A working example: get suggestions for a text query',
        'description': 'A working example which can be tried out. Get autocomplete suggestions for a text query.',
        'value': {
            'text': 'cute ca',
    'dummy': {
        'summary': 'A dummy example',
        'description': 'A dummy example,  do not run. For parameter reference only.',
        'value': {
            'jwt': {'token': '<your token>'},
            'api_key': '<your api key>',
            'text': 'cute cats',

[docs] '/suggestion', summary='Get auto complete suggestion for query', ) async def suggestion(data: SuggestionRequestModel = Body(examples=suggestion_examples)): suggest_doc = Document(text=data.text) docs = await jina_client_post( endpoint='/suggestion', docs=suggest_doc, request_model=data, target_executor=r'\Aautocomplete_executor\Z', ) return docs.to_dict()
[docs] '/filters', summary='Get all filters in the indexer and their possible values' ) async def get_tags(data: BaseRequestModel) -> FiltersResponseModel: response = await jina_client_post( request_model=data, docs=Document(), endpoint='/filters', target_executor=r'\Aindexer\Z', ) return FiltersResponseModel(filters=response[0].tags['filters'])
[docs] '/count', summary='Get the count of the total number of documents in the indexer' ) async def get_count(data: CountRequestModel) -> CountResponseModel: response = await jina_client_post( request_model=data, docs=Document(), endpoint='/count', target_executor=r'\Aindexer\Z', parameters={'limit': data.limit}, ) return CountResponseModel(number_of_docs=response[0].tags['count'])
[docs]'/encoder_to_dataclass_fields_mods', include_in_schema=False) async def get_index_fields_dict() -> EncoderToDataclassFieldsModsResponseModel: index_fields_dict = defaultdict(dict) user_input_in_bff = GlobalUserInput.user_input_in_bff for index_field_raw, encoders in user_input_in_bff.model_choices.items(): index_field = index_field_raw.replace('_model', '') dataclass_field = user_input_in_bff.field_names_to_dataclass_fields[index_field] modality = user_input_in_bff.index_field_candidates_to_modalities[index_field] for encoder in encoders: index_fields_dict[encoder][dataclass_field] = modality return EncoderToDataclassFieldsModsResponseModel( encoder_to_dataclass_fields_mods=index_fields_dict )