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import base64
from time import sleep
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional

import filetype
from docarray import Document
from docarray.document.mixins.helper import _is_datauri, _to_datauri, _uri_to_blob
from pydantic import BaseModel, Field, root_validator

[docs]class BaseRequestModel(BaseModel): jwt: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = Field( default={}, description="Dictionary with key 'token' which maps to Jina Cloud token value." " To be passed when the flow is secure", example={'token': '<your jina cloud token>'}, ) api_key: Optional[str] = Field( default=None, description='Used to authenticate machines', example='<your api key>', )
[docs] class Config: allow_mutation = False case_sensitive = False arbitrary_types_allowed = True
[docs]class ModalityModel(BaseModel): uri: Optional[str] = Field( default=None, description='URI of the file or data URI', example='', ) text: Optional[str] = Field(default=None, description='Text', example='cute cats') blob: Optional[str] = Field( default=None, description='Base64 encoded `utf-8` str format', example='xxx' )
[docs] @root_validator(pre=True) def validate_only_one_exists(cls, values): # Get the names of all fields that are set (i.e. have a non-None value) set_fields = [name for name, value in values.items() if value] if len(set_fields) != 1: raise ValueError(f"Only one of {set_fields} can be set.") return values
@property def content(self): for field_name in self.__fields_set__: field_value = getattr(self, field_name) if field_value: return field_value
[docs] def to_html(self, title: str = '', disable_to_datauri: bool = False) -> str: """Converts the ModalityModel to HTML. :param title: Title of the figure (field name usually). :param disable_to_datauri: If True, the image is not converted to datauri. """ if self.uri or self.blob: if self.uri: if _is_datauri(self.uri) or disable_to_datauri: src = self.uri else: # try downloading 5 times src = None for _ in range(5): try: _blob = _uri_to_blob(self.uri, timeout=10) src = _to_datauri( Document(uri=self.uri).mime_type, _blob, 'utf-8', False, binary=True, ) break except: sleep(1) continue if src is None: src = self.uri elif self.blob: base64_decoded = base64.b64decode(self.blob.encode('utf-8')) file_ending = filetype.guess(base64_decoded) if not file_ending: raise ValueError( f'Could not guess file type of blob {self.blob}. ' f'Please provide a valid file type.' ) src = f'data:{file_ending.mime}/{file_ending.extension};base64,{self.blob}' html = f'<img src="{src}" alt="missing" style="max-width: 100px; max-height: 100px;">' if title: html = ( '<figure>' + html + f'<figcaption>({title})</figcaption></figure>' ) elif self.text is not None: html = f'<p><b>{self.text}</b>' + (f' ({title})' if title else '') + '</p>' return html