now.run_backend module#, user_input, **kwargs)[source]#

This function will run the backend of the app. Specifically, it will: - Load the data - Set up the flow dynamically and get the environment variables - Deploy the flow - Index the data :type app_instance: JinaNOWApp :param app_instance: The app instance :type user_input: UserInput :param user_input: The user input :param kwargs: Additional arguments :return:

now.run_backend.trigger_scheduler(user_input, host)[source]#

This function will trigger the scheduler which will sync the bucket with the indexer once a day

now.run_backend.index_docs(user_input, dataset, client, print_callback, **kwargs)[source]#

Index the data right away

now.run_backend.call_flow(client, dataset, max_request_size, endpoint='/index', parameters=None, return_results=False, **kwargs)[source]#
now.run_backend.estimate_request_size(index, max_request_size)[source]#