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import io

import numpy as np
from docarray import Document
from PIL import Image


[docs]def preprocess_text( d: Document, ) -> Document: """Splits the text by sentences and puts each sentence into the chunk chunk level. Generates sentence chunks: Before Document(chunks=[Document(text='s1. s2. s3')]) After Document(chunks=[Document(text=None, chunks=[Document('s1'), Document('s2')..])]) """ import nltk'punkt', quiet=True) from nltk.tokenize import sent_tokenize # TODO HACK (needs to be provided as general feature d.text = 'loading' if d.text.lower() == 'loader' else d.text if not d.text and d.uri: d.load_uri_to_text(timeout=10) # In case it is a json file, we need to get the right field d.chunks = [ Document( mime_type='text', modality='text', text=sentence, tags=d.tags, ) for sentence in set(sent_tokenize(d.text.replace('\n', ' '))) if sentence ] d.text = None return d
[docs]def preprocess_image(d: Document): """loads document into memory and creates thumbnail.""" # TODO move logic of downloading data away from preprocessing them if d.tensor is None: if d.blob != b'': d.convert_blob_to_image_tensor() elif d.uri: d.load_uri_to_image_tensor(timeout=10) if 'uri' in d.tags: d.uri = d.tags['uri'] to_thumbnail_jpg(d) d.chunks.append( Document( uri=d.uri, blob=d.blob, tags=d.tags, modality='image', mime_type='image/jpeg', ) ) d.blob = None d.uri = None
[docs]def preprocess_video(d: Document): if d.blob == b'': if d.uri: d.load_uri_to_blob(timeout=10) elif d.tensor is not None: d.convert_tensor_to_blob() _sample_video(d)
def _select_frames(num_selected_frames, num_total_frames): partition_size = num_total_frames / (num_selected_frames + 1) return [round(partition_size * (i + 1)) for i in range(num_selected_frames)] def _sample_video(d): video = d.blob video_io = io.BytesIO(video) gif = frame_indices = _select_frames(NUM_FRAMES_SAMPLED, gif.n_frames) for i in frame_indices: frame = np.array(gif.convert("RGB")) image_bytes = ndarray_to_jpeg_bytes(frame) d.chunks.append( Document( uri=d.uri, blob=image_bytes, tags=d.tags, modality='image', mime_type='image/jpeg', ) ) d.blob = None d.uri = None d.tensor = None
[docs]def ndarray_to_jpeg_bytes(arr) -> bytes: pil_img = Image.fromarray(arr) pil_img.thumbnail((224, 224)) pil_img = pil_img.convert('RGB') img_byte_arr = io.BytesIO(), format="JPEG", quality=95) return img_byte_arr.getvalue()
[docs]def to_thumbnail_jpg(doc: Document): if doc.tensor is not None: doc.blob = ndarray_to_jpeg_bytes(doc.tensor) return doc